The Future Is Here: It's Just Not Evenly Distributed

Here's a capture of my talk yesterday on practical cloud computing for the Loughborough Students Union Computer Society (LSUCS):

(see how quickly I recovered from the Beachball of Doom there :-)

In the presentation I mainly discuss how we constructed my.Lboro, our new "Web 2.0" portal site, and techniques that Computer Scientists may wish to consider when constructing their own mashups. I'll blog some more about my.Lboro in the coming weeks, so consider this post a teaser.

Here's a copy of my slides, courtesy of SlideShare:

I didn't really cover my choice of the William Gibson quote about the future not being evenly distributed in my talk, so just a couple of words about that. In my mind this is a byline for things like vendor reluctance to embrace APIs (cf. REST), and about the very limited expertise that exists in some areas - such as SAML and the dreaded "2 Legged OAuth".

I think it's particularly neat that as a hacker you can play with a lot of the Google APIs for free, and use world class tools like PHP, Zend and memcache. Next questions for me are: what University data could we usefully expose, and what kinds of things would people like to do with it? Leave a comment, and let me know what you think...

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