March 2012

We recently launched a new website for Loughborough students that pulls together information from key sources around the University and also from the Students Union. It's called "my.Lboro", and (surprise!) if you are at Loughborough you can get to it by visiting this post I'll talk a little bit about what the site provides, cover the feedback that we have received on it, and the way that we have gathered feedback using a shared Google Docs document. I think this has been quite an innovative way to build an IT system that "grows up in public", and it would be interesting to hear from other institutions as to whether they have tried this approach.First, though, here's a video teaser of what the my.Lboro site has to offer... 

Google Scholar is well known as a free search engine for academic papers and related documents. Less well known is Google Scholar’s “Citations” feature. In return for a few minutes of your time, Google Scholar Citations will automatically track your publications, calculate your H-index and i10-index, and create a public profile for you.

Here is some documentation that I recently prepared on Google Scholar for Loughborough University staff, which may be of more general interest.

Does your institution encourage academics to use services like Google Scholar, and Mendeley to maximise their impact? Leave a comment and let me know!