A Google Apps Take Away Show (JISCEL12)

Here's a rather fuzzy video of my session on Google Apps from the JISC Innovating E-Learning Conference 2012.  In this talk I outline the aspects of Google Apps that Learning Technologists and those involved in pedagogical application of Google's tools may not be aware of, such as the Google Apps Marketplace for Education and Google's RESTful APIs for building on top of the products - and why this will all become hugely relevant with the proposed curriculum changes to encourage our children to learn to program.

You can also view the slides themselves via Slideshare, or embedded below:

Or, since these are just a collection of web pages, why not open those links in your favourite browser?  I have collected them together in a handy companion document, embedded below.  Click through to edit or comment on this, should you wish to add your own voice.

And finally...  I will try never to say "whole bunch of stuff" again in a public talk!  Nearly used up my lifetime allocation in that one session :-)

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  1. ...and Google glues all the resources together and allows you to share... so little friction