HPC Midlands and RWE npower Case Study - Coatings for Industrial Gas Turbine Blades

As part of the HPC Midlands project, we've been developing a series of case studies about the work that we are doing with our industrial collaborators around supercomputing. Here's the latest one, about our work with RWE npower to model coatings for industrial gas turbine blades. We'll post further case studies both here and on the case studies section of the HPC Midlands website.

Gas turbine engines are widely used in industrial power generation and will continue to be a significant part of the UK energy portfolio for the foreseeable future. However, the demands placed on these engines are changing, including the requirement to cycle more frequently; to utilise increasingly ‘dirty’ and variable fuels; and, most importantly, to operate with increased efficiencies to reduce emissions. Jon Wells, RWE npower, said: “With respect to industrial gas turbines, the rates of degradation of oxidation coatings on nickel-based superalloys reported by the Supergen project have already been incorporated into materials selection decisions during the refurbishment of hot gas path components.”

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