December 2013

We have a great opportunity at Loughborough for an experienced E-Learning professional, if you are between contracts or looking for a new challenge. As part of commercializing the Co-Tutor software (with £100K of HEIF funding), we are looking to bring in some extra help. You will be working on Co-Tutor and other locally developed PHP based software including the open source Kit-Catalogue and Web-PA packages. You will also have the opportunity to work on other systems and services operated by our E-Learning Systems team, including Learn (Loughborough's Moodle based VLE) and Computer Aided Assessment via QuestionMark Perception and OMR/OCR.

Earlier this year I wrote one of my most popular blog posts “Hacking the Google Smartwatch” about the hacking potential of Motorola’s Moto Actv smartwatch. In this post I’ll turn my attentions to the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which launched in Autumn 2013 and has already been quite comprehensively hacked to vastly expand its capabilities. I’ll conclude by showing you how you can run the Google Glass software to get an early peek at how Glass will work.