Announcing Janet Reach - Connecting Industry with the UK's E-Infrastructure

Janet has launched a new scheme called Janet Reach, which aims to strengthen the engagement between academia and industry. To enter the scheme, joint proposals are invited from commercial and academic partners, for innovative R&D projects using e-infrastructure facilities. We will be accepting proposals on a rolling 2-month basis - the next deadline is 31st July 2014.

Successful proposals will result in industry partners being provided with a high capacity Janet connection, typically at 1Gb/s or greater. This will give them access to a wide range of e-infrastructure resources, situated within Universities and research organisations, to carry out R&D projects. Academic partners in the scheme will be able to use their existing high-capacity Janet connection to move large volumes of data quickly between the partner facilities. By collaborating with industry on these projects, they also have the potential:
  • To raise the profile of their university through association with respected industry names
  • To strengthen their relationship with industry partners for future collaborations.
  • For long-term revenue streams – access, support and guidance on the effective use of their facilities
Industry partners will benefit from:
  • Access to a wide range of e-infrastructure resources (eg. HPC)
  • Using their high-capacity Janet connection to move large volumes of data quickly between the partner facilities
  • Increasing the potential to quickly take innovative ideas from concept to reality
  • Participating in the scheme regardless of size.
  • Sharing skills and expertise with academic partners.
Criteria for the scheme and details on how to submit proposals is available on the Janet website and all projects must adhere to state aid rules.

For a more in-depth discussion about the scheme, please contact

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